2020 Moon by Bruce Crair
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_Man in the Moon AI
Full Moon in Autumn
_Waxing Gibbous Moon GP
Gibbous Moon, sharpened with Topaz AI
Waxing Half Moon
_Smokey Moon
Waning moon partially obscured by smoke from Southern California fires
_Three Quarters Waning Moon AI
3/4 Waning Moon
Three-Quarters Moon
Sharpened and Enhanced through Topaz Labs SharpenAI and Gigapixel AI
Three-Quarters Moon GPAI
moon shot enhanced in Gigapixel AI for sharpness
Half moon over Yorba Linda
Something is eating the moon!
Crescent Moon GPAI and Sharpen
Crescent Moon over Yorba Linda, sharpened with Topaz Sharpen AI and file cropped and enlarged with Gigapixel AI
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